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Experience Makes the Difference

The Spring Bay team is comprised of experienced entrepreneurs with proven ability to manage and grow high-technology companies. Our professionals have diverse backgrounds, providing a strong blend of marketing, engineering, operations and financial management expertise. We're experienced in a broad range of industries, including aerospace and defense, industrial and health care products and services. Our entrepreneurial professionals know about taking and managing risks to reap significant rewards.

Prior to forming Spring Bay, the principals owned and managed Unison Industries. Together with a group of very capable and forward-thinking colleagues, the principals of Spring Bay successfully transformed Unison from a $5M niche manufacturer of ignition systems for piston-powered aircraft into a leading supplier of controls and accessories for commercial, defense, space and industrial applications. Today, Unison's proprietary technology products are found worldwide on customized applications ranging from the Piper Cub to the Space Shuttle, from cruise ships to cruise missiles.

The success of Unison Industries was driven by:

  • Innovative new product developments yielding over 100 patents. Unison's successful litigation of strategic solid-state ignition patents secured preferred supplier positions.
  • Strategic acquisitions of AlliedSignal and BFGoodrich divisions in leveraged transactions - the highly successful integration of these acquisitions involved complex product line rationalizations, operations restructuring and globalization and labor relations management.
  • Creative sales and marketing programs, which increased market share and secured customer loyalty. Structured strategic license agreements as both licensee and licensor expanded product and market breadth.
  • Commitment to employees in a performance-based incentive environment, which resulted in a highly capable management team and a stable, well-trained workforce that were highly supportive of company success
  • Profit and cash flow positive driven operations with strong financial controls to effectively position the business for continued growth and maximized exit value.

With sales approaching $200M, Unison's success captured the attention of General Electric, who purchased the company in 2002.

Members of the Spring Bay team have worked together for more than 15 years. In addition, Spring Bay has an established network of advisors and affiliates stemming from our long-standing business relationships and our financial strength.

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